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Sachiko Matsubara : Matsubara graduated from Tama Art University. After working at the Azumino Glass Studio for five years, he became independent. Currently, she is working on objects that combine glass with other materials.

Standards of beauty vary from country to country and era to era. A common sense of beauty is created when we share our culture with each other. However, the difference in a sense of beauty between individuals is formed from each and everything we have encountered since we were born. The sense of beauty created in this way eventually becomes an element in creating someone else's sense of beauty. When people find something "beautiful," these are people's senses of beauty that have been formed over a long period.

Such beauty was originally found, imitated, and shaped in nature. In this day and age, when many beautiful things have been created by human hands and various materials are easily available, Matsubara is searching for the roots of her sense of beauty by creating works that reflect on the things that have created her sense of value and works that combine natural forms that are beyond the reach of human touch with artificial glass.

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