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​Rhoda Teplow


Color, color, color plus human interest stories! How can I go wrong? Beads beg me to pick them up and demand that I make something out of them: earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. I thrill in combining Tibetan beads with African beads with Japanese and Balinese beads. To know that other hands have labored to make them, hands that have been burnt by the flames, cut by the glass or blackened by the polishing. So much labor is in one bead and so many stories and history are attached to them.

I have the privilege and luck to be able to combine them all together to make something beautiful and to travel to foreign countries to collect them. And what a thrill it is to see one of my pieces on a lovely woman all dressed up to go out! Her beauty enhanced by the beauty of the stones she wears.

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