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 私は、30年以上にわたって映像・写真制作会社(Mike L Evans Productions)を経営してきましたが、旅に出るために辞めました。現在までに訪れた国は30カ国以上になります。


I have a BA in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Filmmaking and Photography. I have been a photographer for most of my life having started taking photos when my father bought me a camera when I five years old. About the same time, he also showed me how to use his 8mm movie camera because he could see I was very interested in shooting live-action situations.

I became serious about photography during middle school, and then in high school I was the school photogapher, and worked part-time my senior year in a commercial photo studio assisting the owner with portrait shoots, and documenting sporting events at different schools as the studio photographer. 

I ran my own Video and Photography Production Company (Mike L Evans Productions) for over 30 years before giving it up to go traveling. I have currently visited over 30 countries. 

I like to photograph people in their everyday environment, natural and urban landscapes, unusual images in everyday life, and architecture. While black & white photography is good for certain images, I prefer color photography because it captures life so much more vividly.

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