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 メンドシーノ コースト植物園のダリアガーデンは、多くの人が訪れる場所です。お客さんがいなくなった午後遅く、そこで撮影することができました。安定した海の流れ、太陽に向かっておやすみを言う鳥たち、そして美しい花々に魅了されて、私はゆっくりと歩きだし、それぞれの花の写真を撮るたびに、花に声をかけてまわりました。 私の写真を見ていただきありがとうございます。

I bought my first real camera in 1969. I started with b&w film, moving to color film many years later, and coming into the digital age in 2009. Self-taught, my love of angles, shapes, and shadows easily translated to photography. Being a city dweller, architecture was my first focus, one that continues with these old barns and infuses my nature work as well.

These barns, two of the five intended for exhibition, were taken at Spring Ranch, Mendocino, CA. Once a working ranch, it is now a state park, open to public exploration. 

I am mesmerized by the bull kelp's movement, the visible changes with each day, each tide, each season. 'August' is the first image I made of the kelp; it was pure pleasure to find the printed image as exciting and sensual as watching the kelp's dance.

The Dahlia Gardens of the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens is a destination for many. I was able to photograph there, late afternoon, after all visitors were gone. Enthralled by the steady rolling ocean, by birds singing good-night to the sun, and with the exquisite flowers, I began a slow walk, exclaiming to each flower in turn as I took its portrait.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my photographs

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