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  広告代理店、クラフト関連会社を経て、1987年に独立。京都、大阪での活動の後、安曇野にて染色工房を開く。2003 年新た工房名を「atelier 10 colours」として、shop「十色屋」をオープンする。

Hitoshi Kikuchi : After working at an advertising agency and a craft company, I started independent work in 1987. Afterworking in Kyoto and in Osaka, I opened a dye house in Azumino, Nagano. In 2003, I renamed the dye house "atelier 10 colors" and opened a shop "Toiroya".
Focused on cotton materials like Noren, Japanese curtains to hang at an entrance, and tapestries, I design and dye with a consideration of interior concepts and architecture designs which are becoming more diversified. As a partition or an art piece, clothes are utilised as interior items to add positive effects to the living space beyond many countries and cultures. I would like to work on my creation with a personal touch as a Japanese, and to be able to add spices to everybody's life.

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