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  1988 年結婚と同時にアメリカ・ロサンゼルスに滞在。その時にFolk Art( トールペイント) と出会う。その後、オーストラリア・シドニー滞在中に数多くのアーティストから技術を学ぶ。1999 年帰国後、東京でオリジナルカリキュラムの楽しく自由な教室を開講。2003 年夫の故郷である大町市に移住。その後、数々のコンテストにおいて受賞・入賞。また自宅・近隣地域にて指導にあたる一方、地域振興の仕事に関わる。

Hiromi Kitahara : In 1988, I moved to Los Angeles at the same time as I married. I encountered Folk Art (Tole Painting), and then started learning from many artists while living in Sydney, Australia. After returning to Japan in 1999, I started a school where people were able to learn and enjoy the art in Tokyo. In 2003, I moved to Omachi, my husband's hometown, where I worked on my art and was accepted to several contests. I have also worked on teaching and joined regional development groups.

 I would like to convey to society how art provides positive effects on life, heals people, and gives satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. Through the past art exchange, I was able to make many friends, and they became my treasure to life. It is inspiring to see the difference of culture, art, thoughts, and custom, and I think that knowing these differences lets us accept each other. Also this opportunity lets one realize what is unique about Japan. I hope to continuously be a member of this exchange in the future.

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